Center for Biblical Leadership
The Center for Biblical Leadership exists to provide leadership development for today's and tomorrow's leaders in the Church of God of Prophecy worldwide. In a new structural paradigm, three new entities will provide the main thrust for leadership development through CBL:

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School of Practical and Advanced Studies

This school is the main focus of CBL efforts to provide practical and advanced studies focused on equipping and enhancing the noble work of the pastor/teacher ministry that shepherds the flock of God (1 Peter 5:2, 3).

The school is structured with four terms conducted in four day intensives held in state, regional, and national settings. Curriculum is set for the first three terms. Fourth term curriculum is being considered as input is received from pastors and other leaders in the field.

First and Second Term classes:
  • General Principles of Pastoral Leadership Development (Second Term covers Hermeneutics and Homiletics)
  • Ecclesial Identity–COGOP History and Polity I & II
  • Theology–Doctrinal Principles of the COGOP I & II

Presiding Bishops world-wide are bringing this foundational education experience and spiritual encounter to the ministry and laity in their areas. Perhaps we will come to your region soon.

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