Bishop Levi Clarke, B.R. Ed; M.Min.C.C.


Levi Clarke is the fifth child in a family of ten of god-fearing parents Josiah and Louise Clarke born in James Hill, Clarendon, Jamaica.  His ministry began at the age of thirteen after his receiving Christ as his savior and becoming a youth pastor at the Church of God in James Hill, Jamaica. His first profession was tailoring which he pursued until migrating to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to join his sibling in search of a better future in April 1969.
It was in the early 1960’s that Levi became a member of the Church of God of Prophecy. On March 20th 1971, Levi married his beautiful wife, Floreth Levy and they settled in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Together they have three children, Rose-Marie, Adrian and Nadine.  Levi was instrumental in the growth and planting of the first church in the city of Hamilton. After serving as the church’s pastor for 4 years, in 1979 he was ordained bishop in the Church of God of Prophecy. He was then relocated to serve as the pastor of the Montreal West English church until 1986. During his pastorate there he organized and pastored several churches in the region, including the Granby Caucasian French Church and the Ottawa English Church. Added to this was the responsibility of serving as the regional district overseer. He organized and hosted the first B.T.I. (Bible Training Institute) in Quebec where he served as instructor. He also initiated the very first youth Camp in the region for the COGOP that is still very vibrant. Having a heart for missions he began work with the Youth Mission department as sponsors and served as a French translator in Africa and Europe from 1984 to 1985.
His passion for missions led to his appointment as National Overseer for Belgium and France in 1985 followed by an appointment the next year to Cameroon and the Republic Democratic of Congo. These new callings caused him to make the decision to move his family to Belgium where he resided and made frequent travels between Europe and Africa. As taxing as this was on him and the family, his ministry was just beginning to flourish. He was able to officially register the church in Belgium and France. Soon after, in December 1989, he decided to separate from his children, bringing them back to Canada and was led of the Lord to move with his wife to Cameroon, West Africa for the good of the work.

Along with his wife, they resided in Cameroon from January 1990 until July 1999. God blessed their sacrifice and they experienced great growth and a healthy harvest in the regions where they labored. Prior to their arrival in both Cameroon and the Republic Democratic of Congo the Church of God of Prophecy owned no buildings; however, before leaving they not only constructed regular church buildings in villages but large buildings in capitals that provide suitable accommodations for national events.

The work in Cameroon grew from one church to 27 and in Republic Democratic of Congo (Zaire) from 19 to 127. Both countries obtained their presidential decree during his tenure and a harvest of thousands of souls. The two countries now boast a membership of approximately 140,000 members from the 4000 they began with in 1985. 

While in Africa, he and his wife have shared an intense passion for the less fortunate and those deprived of some of the very basic things of life, leading to the establishment of two clinics in Africa; one in the Republic Democratic of Congo and the other in Cameroon. Literally thousands have been helped medically in these clinics. They have also established church schools to provide basic education free of cost for those who cannot afford tuitions in regular schools. In addition, they initiated sponsorship from North American donors to help a number of children graduate from primary schools, colleges and universities. Some of these children are now working and are able to make substantial contribution to their families and communities.  

In August 1999, Bishop Levi and Floreth Clarke were appointed National Overseer of Eastern Canada whilst remaining the National Overseer of Cameroon, Africa to continue mentorship of the emerging indigenous overseer. In November 2002, Bishop Clarke installed and handed over the leadership to the young native of Cameroon who he mentored for some (8) years. They established a training center for emerging leaders in Cameroon. Through this center, many leaders are trained and deployed into leadership in the nation.

Bishop Clarke is always passionate about continuing education. In the 80’s he studied the French language at St. Paul’s language Centre and obtained his High School Certificate and French Language Certificate at the Montreal High School. Levi is now fluent in French, communicates, and frequently ministers in the French language. He then went on to enroll in the Concordia University where he began theological studies; after two years at Concordia he was transferred to Belgium due to his responsibilities as national overseer, Levi refused to give up on his academic pursuit so he enrolled with International Correspondence Studies (ICS) in Belgium to continue his theological studies.

In 1992 he was granted an honorary doctorate from the Maryland Theological Seminary & College in Baltimore, Maryland. It was while in Africa Levi enrolled in the International Seminary to continue his studies that was interrupted due to a move. In 1996 he received a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education (B.R. Ed.) from the International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida. In his ongoing pursuit of higher learning his most recent accomplishment was the award of a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling (M.Min.C.C.) from the International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida.
Levi is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Urban Ministry with the Gordon Conwell Theological   Seminary.

For the past four years, Levi Clarke serves on the African continent as Area Presbyter and National Overseer for Sierra Leone, Republic Democratic of Congo, Central Republic of Africa, Angola and Chad. Also serve as Regional Coordinator for nineteen French countries on the African continent.

Levi’s dedication and vision is to bloom wherever I am planted; however, at the same time to be sensitive to the global mission of the church. Bishop Levi Clarke has a strong passion to develop and mentor leadership and to see men and women that would surpass him in terms of leadership and ministry functions. He strongly believes that the success of leadership lies in the investment of emerging leaders.


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