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The TILGHMAN ROAD CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY is actively searching for a Senior Pastor of whom God has chosen to lead His people into the future. 
Tilghman Road church is a unique, person-centered, and family-oriented facility--located in a suburban area of the State of Maryland—committed to the attraction of souls from throughout the State of Maryland and neighboring cities. The facility is a multi- generational, multi-cultural congregation of 145+ and growing; with a strong foundation of nearly 35+ years of ministry. 
There is a completed 200 seating capacity sanctuary and fellowship hall, inclusive of a nursery, gym, family center and a Three-bedroom parsonage.
The membership is a loving, motivated, compassionate and committed congregation; in need of a dynamic visionary and people-and-community focused pastor with strong leadership qualities.  A pastor devoted to the teaching and preaching of the Word and beliefs of the Church of God of Prophecy, and is poised to make an even greater impact upon the City and communities around with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  While being a strong pastor to equip, teach and train others—gifting should also include dynamic, practical and relevant preaching and mentoring capabilities towards the community of believers. 

Interested Individual:
Please contact and send resume and sample CD message to:  Bishop Levi Clarke, Regional Overseer, Mid-Atlantic Region, 150 Woodland Road, Newark, Delaware, 19702. Or call Regional Office (302)-368-0004.

Psalms 136: 1ff
“O give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever.”

“This Psalm is little else than a repetition of the preceding, with the addition of the burden, "for his mercy endureth forever," at the end of each verse; and it was doubtless composed on the same occasion. It seems evidently to have been a responsive song. The first part of the verse being probably sung by the Levites, and the burden by the people” [e –Sword Commentary].

My wife and I have lived in areas of the world with some of the most impoverished, socially and politically depressed communities; where the language of thanksgiving is seldom spoken or heard. The truth is, the people of those societies have equated thanksgiving with a comparative view or ideology of the Western world, where affluence is paraded all over social media. What a travesty! Failing to understand that “one’s life does not consists in the abundance of his possessions” [St. Luke 12:15].

I am afraid that even in our affluent society, where we have so much to be thankful for; we have lost the true meaning of being thankful. Thanksgiving should be more than merely a day that we celebrate, but a LIFESTYLE for the BELIEVER.

The 136 division of the Psalm points out a litany of things to be thankful for. Notice every stanza ends with “For his mercy endureth forever.” 

As we celebrate this Thanksgiving with families and friends; I implore you; and as an invitation to ALL of us; to return to the 136 division of the psalm and read it thoroughly together as a tribute, to our loving God, whose MERCIES truly “ENDURETH FOREVER.”
A prayer from our family to yours
Bishop Levi & First Lady Floreth Clarke

Mid-Atlantic Regional Office

150 Woodland Road
Bear, DE   19702
t. (302) 368-0004